Meet our CEO

Mohamed Hilal

One must dream but one must also persevere to
turn those dreams into reality.

I firmly believe in this philosophy which makes me strive harder and pursue my dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur in Perfume Industry. My innate desire towards perfumes, all started when I was still in my school days and began experimenting different oriental fragrances which I became popularly known.



Mohamed Ali Hilal was born in January, 1975. Originally from the UAE. He has three sisters and two brothers, Married with two wonderful kids.

He studied aviation in the U.S.A and returned home to start his promising career as an Emirates Airlines pilot. Mohamed chose the path to

become a pilot because he was attracted to the idea of reaching where only few can reach, and so he thought flying would best satisfy his need

for challenge. However, after the first few years he realized there were other interesting challenges out there in the world, and he adventured

himself in the daily risks of businesses.

Mohamed’s obessesion with perfumery led him to transform his passion into a business. He decided to quit his job as a Pilot and pursue his

passion for perfumery. It was really a tough decission that everyone was against with but sometimes tough decission is not about pleasing

everyone, He believes that success lies in creating a niche for oneself and Hind Al Oud was his successful attempt in 2001.

Hind offers a collection of engaging perfumes for every man and woman who knows what they want and have always achieved it. This distinctive

concoction of cultured scents combined with a dash of sophistication create the sweet smell of success – those irresistable essences that evoke

an air of esteem and leaves a lasting impression. Made of the highest quality with ultimate luxury with natural and rare ingredients of the world.

Hind Al Oud products are sold to the affluence society to the members of royal family, dignitaries, ambassadors, consular, celebrities, VIPs,

leading business community etc.,

HIND AL OUD was a success then gradually progress and achieved lime light in the public. Recognition soon followed and Hind Al Oud was

awarded the ‘Best Traditional Niche Fragrances’ by the Economic Department of Dubai in 2004. The brand entered into an exclusive agreement

with Paris Gallery, where personalized Hind Al Oud Boutiques were established in Paris Gallery stores. Today Hind Al Oud is the number one

brand in the perfumes sector in Paris Gallery‘s department stores across the UAE. Hind Al Oud broke a record by achieving the highest figure

that has ever been achieved among perfumes and cosmetics houses, such as DIOR and CHANEL in Paris Gallery’s history.

He’s passion and instinct inspired him more to take another step. In 2005 he developed another luxury brand and opened it’s first store in April,

2007. ANFASIC DOKHOON, A mirror of today’s continuos search for luxury and elegance. ANFASIC DOKHOON incenses and fragrance reach

every perfume lover’s home, spreading Arabic incense to all cultures, establishing a new trend in an era where speed of development is the key

to success. Anfasic dokhoon aims at modernizing traditional Arabian perfumery by treasuring old recipes and genuine ingredients in an elegant

and contemporary packaging. Our ancestor’s heritage revives in a fresh dynamic and luxurious new brand. A real manifestation of style, image

and taste, Anfasic Dokhoon embodies prestige, power and luxury reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Arabia through an innovative and modern


“Having an idea is just a start’. KHALTAT came before ANFASIC DOKHOON. Mohamed always wanted to do KHALTAT because of it’s unique

and trendy ideas but that time it was not ripe enough to be in the market. And now following another instinct and a trendy brand, KHALTAT is

finally launched. KHALTAT is about feelings and emotions. It is about nature as human beings. We discovered that this deeper level of

understanding has two facets: a superficial level that labels our products with the ‘trendy’ aspect, and the values that do not change overtime, but

stand behind the superficial characteristics to create a unique bond between the consumers and our name. Etremely powerful and lasting

fragrances with uniquely trendy packaging and revolutionary appealing counters designs.

Today Mohamed Hilal is fully devoted to make Hind Al Oud, Anfasic Dokhoon and Khaktat the most internationally recognized perfume brand

from the region. He stopped flying as a Pilot but never stopped pursuing he’s dream in taking perfume industry to another level.